Leather Suite Cleaning Belfast

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Leather Suite Cleaning Belfast

Here at Cleansuite we offer a professional leather suite cleaning service. Leather suites do look fantastic especially when new. Leather also naturally ages and develops a very natural look over time, and many people like that look.

However leather also gets dirty with the natural wear and tear that happens in every home. It will also develop minor scratches for the same reasons.

Here at Cleansuite we can clean and help restore your leather suite to its former glory. This takes a series of treatments from a careful cleanse, then a gentle restoration process and then a protective shine that leaves your leather suite as good as new.

We have found that after cleaning many leather suites, that the big problem is the dust and oil from skin collected in the texture of the leather over a period of time.

An ordinary leather cleaner from the local shop not that ineffective in cleaning this. The commercial leather cleaner that we use will remove dust and grime that has been embedded deep into the leather.

After thoroughly cleaning the leather, we will also apply a leather conditioner which will soften and restore the leather to its former glory.

Below you can see a couple of images of a leather sofa that we recently cleaned. There was the normal grime on the leather that you get from simple day to day use. That was completely removed and the full white colour of the leather restored on the image to the right.

leather before it is cleaned
leather after it is cleaned

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