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Mattress Cleaning Service Belfast

belfast mattress cleaning

Here at Cleansuite we offer a professional mattress cleaning service for customers and businesses in the Greater Belfast Area. This is an extensive service for both home owners and for businesses such as hotels, B&Bs and Guest Houses.

Our Mattress cleaning options and services are:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Stain removal (all types of staining and spot removal, even the nasty ones such as urine and blood)
  • Removal and elimination of bed bugs and dust mites
  • A mattress deodorising service to have you mattress clean and fresh
  • A mattress drying service
  • Post clean protection offered

It is amazing just how dirty a mattress can get over time. That happens through a combination of wear and tear, sweating when sleeping and dead skin cells. Turning the mattress over once a month can help, but every now and then it will simply need a proper clean

There is also the issue with asthma irritants such as dusts, dust mites and skin cells which can all cause breathing problems. Having a proper deep steam clean, with full drying and deodorised can have you mattress looking and smelling like new.

How do you deep clean a mattress?

The process of cleaning a mattress is as follows:

  1. Strip the bed and wash all of the bedding in your washing machine and dry
  2. Vacuum the mattress on both sides thoroughly
  3. Spot clean the mattress with a suitable stain remover and allow to dry
  4. Sprinkle baking soda over the mattress and vacuum again, and then repeat on the other side

This is what most home owners will be able to do. At Clean Suite we do a much deeper clean on your mattress to make sure that it has been thoroughly cleaned. Mattresses will have dirt, dust, sweat, skin oils, dead skin cells, urine and more on them. A basic home clean helps, but a professional clean does a thorough job of removing all of the above.

We use professional equipment and products to leave your mattress clean and smelling the way a mattress should. The products that we use eliminate bacteria, dust mites, odours and soiling.

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Tips for keeping your mattress clean

  • We would highly recommend vacuuming your mattresses once a month on both sides
  • Weather permitting you should air your mattress every 3-4 months as this helps stop the build up of moisture and that will help prevent mould and help remove odours
  • Use good quality mattress and pillow protectors especially with children or if there are pets in the house.

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