Upholstery Cleaning Belfast

Upholstery Cleaning Belfast

We provide a range of quality professional cleaning services in Belfast and the Greater Belfast Area. If you are looking for affordable upholstery cleaning, or requires pet or stain removal then get in touch and we can quickly arrange a FREE quotation and a visit to your home.


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Upholstery Cleaning Options Belfast

Here at Clean Suite we offer a professional upholstery cleaning service. That includes all upholstery fabrics and leather sofas, armchairs, dining room chairs, headboards, stools etc.

These are all expensive items to purchase. Over time though they will get dirty and they will suffer from wear and tear. That is just normal in any home. You can of course always replace those, but more often than not, all they really need is to be cleaned by a professional.

That is what we specialise at here at Clean Suite Belfast. With the right treatment and care, we can have suites of furniture, armchairs, and sofas looking great once again.

Sofa Cleaning Belfast

Sofas are covered in different materials and that means they all need to be cleaned in a slightly different way; Sofa coverings can be:

  • Leather - this can be natural-looking aniline leather or a glossier pigmented leather
  • Polyester - Polyester is actually a form of plastic which is spun into threads and woven into fabric. They are good at retaining their shape, good at resisting stains, though the oil from skin can soak into them over time.
  • Acrylic - Like Polyester this is a man made (synthetic) material. It is easy to clean and dry but is normally used for outdoor sofas and chairs. Some people are allergic to this material.
  • Linen - In most cases sofas covered in linen can be removed and washed. They tend to wear out though and are not suitable for busy homes or homes with pets.
  • Velvet - considered to be luxury and tend to be expensive and do need specialist cleaning. You can also get synthetic velvet which needs a different type of cleaning. This material is not suitable if you have pets.
  • Woolen - wool is not that popular a choice as it isn't a great choice for a sofa. It works slightly better when mixed with another material to make it last longer. In most cases wool needs to be dry cleaned as it can not take any moisture.
  • PU - this is a form of glossy plastic that is made from a resin and looks like a leather finish. These are a cheaper option than buying real leather. They are pretty easy to clean.

Here at clean Suite, we make sure that the right cleaning method is used for the particular material that your sofa is made from.

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Armchair Cleaning

When people are getting their sofa cleaned they also get their armchairs cleaned. However, sometimes all you need cleaning is a well used armchair. Here at Clean Suite we can also do just that if that is all you need. Armchairs generally speaking are covered in the same materials as sofas. Once we know what that is, then we can have your armchair looking like new.

Other Upholstery Cleaning

Other upholstery may include:

  • Covered dining room chairs
  • Headboards
  • Stools
  • Ottomans

We clean it all, and it is almost always better to get it cleaned at the same time as your sofa and armchairs.

How does upholstery get dirty?

Sofas and chairs will have a base made of either wood or metal. They will also have springs in the base for comfort. Then there will be some form of padding. When all these parts are put together they are then covered with some material. This covering is always some type of upholstery material and we have explained what is available above.

Over time the upholstery fabric may start to look dirty for a variety of reasons which include:

  • Normal day to day wear and tear
  • Oils in the skin and dead skin cells
  • Stains from accidental spills
  • Pet stains and hairs
  • Makeup rubbing off
  • Aromas and odours build up over time

In larger or busier households this will happen faster than in quieter homes. It does help to cover upholstery with throws or covers as they can be quickly taken off and washed. Even with that, over time the upholstery fabric will need a good clean. When professionally cleaned all odours are removed, and the fabric can be restored back to its former look and feel.

Over the years though there will of course come a time when cleaning will never be enough so they may need to be reupholstered or time for a new sofa and chairs. Here at Clean Suite we will always tell you if it is worth cleaning or not.

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