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Pet Marks & Pet Odour Cleaning Services

In Belfast we all love our pets. However, we also know that they come with their own problems. The most common problems for homes are:

  • Pet stains from dirty paws
  • Pet odours, from wet fur
  • Pet urine and the odd accident
  • Pet vomit
  • Pet hair that gathers on the carpet and upholstery

These are just some of the many things that can happen if we own a cat, dog or other pets in the home.

pet stain removal belfast

How Clean Suite handle pet staining problems?

  • Identifying the problem - The first step is to identify exactly where the problems are. Often these are easy to see, especially pet hair. Pet stains are usually more difficult to find as they can fade into carpets and upholstery but leave a lingering smell. These can however be detected using an ultra violet light.
  • Cleaning - Once the stains have been identified, they need to be thoroughly cleaned, and the best way of doing that is using a professional steam cleaner. That has enough power to clean the stain and remove any odours.
  • Deodorising - We like to take our cleaning to the highest level, so as well as cleaning and removing the odour we also like to treat the carpet or upholstery with a deodirising agent which leaves a pleasant smell.
  • Optional Safeguard - If you have an expensive rug or carpet we would also recommend using a Scotch Guard treatment for complete protection and peace of mind.

Pet Hair Removal

Most pet hair is easy to see and in most cases a normal vacuum cleaner will be able to lift this. What is more difficult to see is the short hairs often cast by cats and dogs. These are very small tiny hairs that get buried into the carpet. To remove those you need a powerful vacuum, and may also need steam, to help remove the hairs and any associated odours.

Clean Suite Service

Stain removal can only be evaluated by going to your home and seeing the problem. We are happy to do this and give you a free no obligation to quote to deal with the problem. That is because we like to give you an accurate quote and a final price to deal with the problem.

Please feel free to give us a call on 07786-135849 for your free quote today.

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