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If you need to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke or other smoke related damage, then we offer a great cleaning and deodorising service, that will leave you home smelling clean and fresh.. We can offer you a comprehensive cleaning service at affordable community prices. Give us a call on 07786-135849 if you want to find out more.

Why pick Clean Suite Services?

Clean Suite has years of experience, and we work every day on our cleaning services. Odours around the home are caused by a whole variety of things, including dampness, mould, mildew, pet hair, pet urine and many other issues. We know how to quickly locate the source of the problem and also how to get rid of any smells for good.

Stale Cigarette Smoke

It is just a fact of life that some people choose to smoke in their home. They may smoke cigarettes, cigars, and pipes and all of those create smoke and a very distinct smell.

The smoke also sticks to most materials and in any smoker's home you will notice that the paint yellows much quicker. All of that smoke attaches itself to carpets and soft furnishings as well.

Typically smokers are not even aware of the smell that it leaves behind. However, if someone stops smoking, or someone who doesn't smoke moves into a smoker's house they instantly get that first scent, which does smell pretty awful.

Here at Clean Suite, we do a complete job of removing the smell of smoking with a thorough deep clean to remove all odours and bacteria. We then follow that up with a full deodorising service to remove the smell permanently and leave your home clean and fresh.

Fire Damage - Getting rid of burning smoke smells

Some homes have the misfortune to have a fire. This of course creates a huge mess and one that needs to be cleaned up after the fire has been put out. Almost always some level of construction work will be required to repair the damage. In some cases the damage caused is mainly smoke damage.

Smoke damage tends to leave everything covered in ash and soot. There is also likely to be some type of water damage. The combination of these also tends to leave a long and lingering burnt smell around the home. That is where we can help out. The house will of course need properly deep cleaned and also deodorised to start getting the house back to the condition it was once in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remove cigarette smoke from the house?

The cost will depend on the size of the house and how many rooms have been impacted by the cigarette smoke. It will also depend on how long the house has been smoked in and what level of maintenance and cleaning it has received over the years. We can really only give you a real quote when we have inspected the home and surveyed it to see the exact nature of the problem. Here at Clean Suite we give you our bets quote always and it is a free no obligation quote. That way you have really nothing to lose by simply asking us.

Does professional cleaning remove smoke smells?

Professional cleaning will remove all types of smoke smells if completed correctly. Applying air fresheners or similar products simply masks the smell of smoke. To get rid of it completely will initially require a deep clean of everything in the home where the stale smell exists. Once that has been completed then it needs to be deodorised to leave the home both clean and fresh. To achieve this you need to use professional products and a professional service.

What is cigarette smoke?

Cigarette smoke leaves a yellowish-brown residue, that sticks to every surface in a home, making it difficult and time-consuming to remove. This is probably better known as second hand smoke. It leaves a long and lingering smell that doesn't go away unless it is removed properly.

How does cigarette smoke affect your home?

Stale second hand smoke sticks to every surface of the area where smoking has taken place. It sticks to everything walls, furniture, carpets, upholstery, bedding, clothes, and much more. The surfaces are tarnished and the odours permeate the house. Tobacco residue is tough to remove and requires professional equipment and services

Quick Tips for short term cigarette odour removal

Here are a few things that you can do to help ease the odour of cigarette smoke from your home. They will not get rid of it completely but they will help.

  • Open all windows and doors for a few hours to allow as much fresh air into the home as possible
  • if you own an air purifier switch it on and move it about the affected rooms
  • For carpets, sprinkle on baking soda, leave overnight and then vacuum the next day
  • Buy a few indoor plants which are very good at absorbing smells
  • You can also use saucers of white vinegar, small bowls of coffee, orange peels, pineapple slices or activated charcoal around the home as they all help remove odours
  • Candles also help with odours but don't get rid of them

Quick Tips for longer term cigarette odour removal

  • Clean walls and ceilings thoroughly using products that contain ammonia or glycol and allow to dry
  • Use a sealant to lock in any lingering odours and then repaint the walls
  • Then clean just about everything in the home as tobacco smoke will have stuck to everything that you can see

This is of course a lot of work. Tobacco smoke, or any type of smoke is difficult to remove. We use professional effective products and specialist techniques to fully remove and clean. Once we are sure that all odours are gone we deodorise to leave a clean and fresh home, free of smoke odours.

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